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Welcome To Smart Home

A smart home, or smart house, is a home that incorporates advanced automation systems to provide the inhabitants with sophisticated monitoring and control over the building's functions.

Smart Home technology started for more than a decade to introduce the concept of networking devices and equipment in the house. According to the Smart Homes Association the best definition of smart home technology is: the integration of technology and services through home networking for a better quality of living. Many tools that are used in computer systems can also be integrated in Smart Home Systems. In this paper, we present the Technologies and tools that can be integrated or applied in Smart Home systems.

Revolutionizing the Home.

We are redefining the SmartHome industry by introducing Smart Home powered by Apps.These apps automatically manages your home with more ease and efficiency.

No wires required.

Smart Home is the term commonly used to define a residence that uses a Home Controller to integrate the residence's various home automation systems. The most popular Home Controllers are those that are connected to a Windows based PC during programming only, and are then left to perform the home control duties on a standalone basis. Integrating the home systems allows them to communicate with one another through the home controller, thereby enabling single button and voice control of the various home systems simultaneously, in preprogrammed scenarios or operating modes.